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Original Short Story Selections

Tall Tales, most with a western flavor.

Armadillo Society
A fraternal orderís antics and mishaps.


Brazoria Dillo
A giant carnivorous armadillo leads to adventure and mishaps.

Bragginí Beart
An ugly bragginí stranger comes to town and shows the boys how to ride.


Christmas Spectacular

Wharton, Texas country Christmas parade gets exciting.


Edward Albert Roberts Sr., American Hero
Cowboy hero overcomes his unusual handicap to become a hero.

The Lady in Black
An old cow-hand's tale of riding the Devilís horse.

An old manís story of how he came to be called Lucky.


Jumbo Jack

A boys pet jackrabbit grows to riding size and they join the circus.


King Hot Dog and I

Fun adventures with the King and Arab Hot Dog mogul.

Napoleon The Cow Hog
Justinís hog becomes Texas only genuine cow-hog.


Naked in Paris

The story of "Buck Naked" a tailor to the stars.

Paco and Elena
Paco, a pony grows into a legendary horse.


A Push Button World

Even horse training aims for push button control.  Justin's big day!

Rattlesnake Ron
Unusual child grows to be a friend of and activist for rattlerís rights.

Skunks Galore
Skunks move into Lubbock and become a difficult gourmetís delight.


Takin' A Bite Out Of Crime

Snappy and Scott work together for the Houston Police Department.

Uncle Bill and the ONO Horse

Movie crazed cowboy rides the West.



Bad Critter Tales
The true story of a horse that created a storyteller.

Wobbly Leg
A wild mean longhorn bull, lost in the Brazos River bottoms.


Buckís Redemption
A story of tragedy and forgiveness.

Haunting Stories


The Bunkie Pumpkin Theft
A fun haunting spoils the Pumpkin carving contest.

Daveís New Home
Allegedly true haunting in Houston.

The Legend Of Marcel Armand
Frontier Texas bad man leaves a haunting legacy.

Strange Justice
Texas cowhand is robbed and murdered then strange justice happens.


The Crash of Old # 100

A train wreck near Livingston Texas leaves a lasting legacy.

Louisiana Tales

Funky Bunkie Gator Fest
Transplanted to Louisiana where the town later has Gator Festivals and mishaps. Can be broken down in to several parts: Transplanted, Bunkie Friends and The Festival, and The Big Fest.

Snappy The Amazing Pet Gator
Scott finds a new pet and has a number of adventures: Snappy, Snappy Saves Peaches, Going For Drives, Fetch, Hunting, The Frisbee Toss, Returned to the Swamp.

The Bayou Rodeo
Football players make likely victims when the annual rodeo is rained out. Snappy even makes a brief appearance.

Bamie Chronicles

A variety of short grandmother tales: Cookies, Bugs, The Old Chevy

Police Stories

A variety of tales, including: The Horse Thief, George and Hambone, High Speed Chases, Reginaldís Bad Day, Botany Street

Historical Tales

Just to name a few: The Kerrís Of Texas, James Monroe Hillís Escape, The Chroniclers Of The West, The Livingston Lumber Company

These stories are original creations, true-life snippets, and/or historical tales Scott has put together for audiences. He has more and a variety of original and classic cowboy poetry.