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Scott's Poetic Beginnings

My first poem, "Demonstrator's Ride" was loosely based on an event, which caused a medically imposed incarceration, with a broken pelvis.  I wrote to stay occupied and sane.

"Demonstrator's" Ride
I stepped up on my young cayouse.
All I wanted was to cut loose.
To ride in the wind,
Beside my best friend.
What I got was not what I'd choose!

My kid safe horse started to pitch!
Bucking hard actin like a witch.
Well hell, my foot slipped,
My riders pride dipped,
And this ride didnít make me rich.

Squealing and spinning round and round.
The battle lost I came unwound.
Headed for the rocks,
Hurt down to my socks.
I hit the worst spot to be found.

As I lay cringing in the dirt,
That horse pranced thinking she was pert.
Fussing at this mare,
Seeing not a care.
I hated that evil dun flirt!

"Demo" is this young horseís name.
In the past she's always been tame.
I liked her a lot,
But guess she forgot.
Because she went and left me lame.

A cold backed horse is what they say
Of sneaky ones that make you pay.
When you least expect,
They show no respect.
Very soon I will have my day.

When I arise weíre auction bound.
Iíll only sell her by the pound.
Cause she broke the bond
And Iíll have thoughts fond,
When I'm back home feeding the hound!

© 1991 Scott Hill Bumgardner