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The Lady In Black

The boys had gathered round one day,
Griping about food and low pay.
When one gray haired grizzled old hand,
Caught the attention of the band.

All of you boys think that I'm old!
Listen to my story unfold.
Cowboys I'm the same age as y'all,
I only turned twenty last fall.

I had set the wild ones for fame
And any old bronc I could tame.
Till I met the lady in black.
Then saddled her sleek muscled back.

While seated upon this filly,
It suddenly turned plum chilly.
The bright old sun faded to gray.
Yep it was time for me to pray.

Then that hoss began to quiver,
Turned into a wrenching shiver.
Her wild mean eyes rolled back to red,
Sulfurous flames shot from her head.

My resolve to ride just went soft.
But that hoss jumped we went aloft!
Looking down at clouds a forming,
From dust that gave me a warning.

No this was no regular horse.
Could only be Satan's of course.
Sailing high as I snatched leather,
Gave me a view of the weather.

This evil beast could really fly!
Kicking sparks as the world went by,
We'd land in places mighty strange.
We spooked striped horses on a range,

Saw black and white birds on some ice,
And yellow men plucking up rice.
With mighty prayers to end this ride,
I saw it was ego and pride.

As she turned heading straight for hell,
I let loose with a Texas yell.
Down to a river dark and cold.
You see I've come out wise and old.

Since this ride I've had this old bod,
But I'm saved by the grace of god.
And I hope you boys will repent!
So you don't make that hot descent.

1991 Scott Hill Bumgardner