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That First Rodeo


Just four years old in chaps and boots

As we used to say life was swell.

I remember it still today

Rodeo was alive and well.


Way down there on the front row

We saw every cowboys wild ride.

Sitting next to the bucking chutes

We could see each quivering hide.


Then came a thunderous clanging

As giant bulls were loaded in

I heard them thrash and crash the pipes

As the brave young men stepped in.


One by one they took their places,

Upon these great and fiery beast.

Then as the gate was thrown open

The bulls would do more than their least


To toss these hat wearing men high

And stomp them down into the dirt.

Funny clowns were a scurrying

Keeping riders from getting hurt.


We sat up close and personal

With the sight, the sound, and the smell.

A brindle bull went high and right

Then savagely kicked our front rail.


What emotion and glee I felt

As mother gave terrified screams.

She sure did think we were goners,

But I still see it in my dreams.


2006 Scott Hill Bumgardner