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Welcome to Texas Legacies!

Scott Hill Bumgardner

Storyteller, Cowboy Poet


Exciting western outlandish fun far fetched tales, cowboy poetry, historical presentations, and more!!!  Cowboys, cops, landlords, gators, critters, cattle, horses, Texas, Louisiana, etc.


Coming Soon

Jumbo Jack Adventures


Watch Scott's Video, "Uncle Bill & ONO"


Watch Scott's Video, "Takin' A Bite Out of Crime


Custom tailored presentations.

Students are challenged to use their imagination and to read!

 Spinning great stories for young or older audiences.


Scott's Flyer (Adobe Acrobat Format)

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We loved your storytelling! It complemented The Masterworks of Charles M. Russell exhibition so nicely.  Hearing your stories in a gallery surrounded by Russell’s works was great!  I especially enjoyed watching the audience during your performance – the room was full of smiles, and folks of all ages hung on your every word.  You really reflected the spirit of Russell – thanks so much!!         Chelsea Schlievert, Houston Museum of Fine Arts 2010


We were surprised and amazed that you had such a wide variety of stories and told different ones at each session… The story of the gator festival was great! There was so much excellent description that I felt like I was right there!.. I was grateful for your tie-ins to reading by suggesting that many other stories could be found in the library and even pointing out specific books in which students could read similar stories. Your comments about the use of imagination for not only storytelling but envisioning one's own future and then striving to reach that vision is much needed.

Ann Dude, Blocker Middle School 2004



.                      Story fans and Scott.               

Check out the ranch.

Scott Hill Bumgardner
P.O. Box 710770
Houston, Texas 77271-0770

Email him @
Scott@TexasLegacies.com  or @bumscott@flash.net